I am trying to query access record from excel i get the error below. When i copy my StringSQL statement from the immediate window and paste into Access SQL view, it executes great.

SELECT Slides.SlideNo, SlideObject.SlideObject, SlideObject.Object_Title, SlideObject.Top_Aging, SlideObject.Top_x_Over, SlideObject.Over_y FROM Slides INNER JOIN SlideObject ON (Slides.SlideNo = SlideObject.Slide) AND (Slides.Deck = SlideObject.Deck) WHERE (((Slides.SlideNo) >= 6 And (Slides.SlideNo) < 7) And Slides.Deck = "D_IPS") ORDER BY SlideObject.SlideObject, SlideObject.[Object_Title], Slides.Deck;

No value given for one or more required parameters.