Hi guys, ( i am reposting this here as i think it is the right place for it)

I am posting this issue on in the general area as i am not sure if this has to go to the VBA Forums or not, I am very new to the Using the advance functions on Excel.


I am trying to Auto update a Master file when a user enters the required data in the Data entry file. These file would be on a network drive and the data entry file would be use by many users to update the data but only one user would to using it at a given time.

I am not sure how to approach this issue as i am new VB and macros i tried with the compare and merge function on Excel 2010 it dose work but only if do it on a local machine the sheet has data validation which is not working when using the Compare and merge feature.

What would be cool is that if there is a function which would let me to update the master file with the data that is entered in the Data entry file and after the update it would ask if i want to keep the data in the data entry file or not if i choose not to it would del the data so that the new user who is going to update the file would have clean file to update.

I would also like to restrict what user can do on the data entry file and just allow them to enter data and only allow few ppl the assess to the master file.

I am using 2010

I am not sure if i was able to explain the issue correctly or not.

Is this possible

Attaching the Files for reference:

Any help would be gr8


For the Files pls check http://www.excelforum.com/excel-gene...19#post3116519