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VBA Assessment

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    VBA Assessment

    Hi Guys,

    I have a generic questions, so I've recently applied for a new role that would be a promotion. The new role requires heavy use of VBA, I know how to use VBA in sense that I can record my macros go back and fine tune them to meet the desire output. I do not know how to write codes of the top of my head. They will also require that I pass a VBA assessment.

    My question to guys is what can I expect from the VBA assessment? What can I do to bring myself up to speed so I can pass this assessment?

    Any input helps.

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    Re: VBA Assessment

    Start with the job.

    Investigate the kinds of applications your company develops. Examine, study and understand the current VBA projects.

    If the products make heavy use of charts, study the VBA approach to charting.
    If the products make heavy use of Pivot Tables, study the VBA approach to them.
    If the products focus on financial analysis, focus your attention there.
    If there is heavy use of UserForms, study the coding associated with them
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    Re: VBA Assessment

    When you ...
    fine tune them to meet the desire output
    ... what do you do?

    Do you know what the role profile requires? What level of skill you need? What others doing the same job know?

    OK, starter for ten ... not exhaustive and just some things that spring to mind:

    Recorded macros don't define variables. What sort of variables are there, why would you define them and what do you use them for?
    What types of loop are there?
    How would you determine the last row of data on a sheet and loop through all the rows?
    What can you do to make a recorded macro more efficient and faster?
    What are Workbook and Worksheet Events?
    How do you use them and how do you temporarily disable them?
    What can you do to prevent someone accessing your code?
    What would you do to protect a worksheet?
    What do you need to do if you want to update a protected worksheet?

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