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VBA Macro to Loop and Merge Files in Several Directories

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    VBA Macro to Loop and Merge Files in Several Directories


    I have this macro which merges excel file data contained in one particular directory, its working fine there! However, I have several of these directories and I want this macro to perform the similar operation in all directories. So, normally I run this code folder by folder, now I want it to run in one folder and move automatically to next folder and do the same operation (merge all the excel files present there! How will it be possible? Can you suggest me better ways? I found this code in the page of Ron de Bruin: http://www.rondebruin.nl/tips.htm

    The code is here:
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    It'd be very very very helpful if you can get me a solution. Thanks!


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    Re: VBA Macro to Loop and Merge Files in Several Directories

    You can use the FileSystem Object

    Sub test()

    Dim fso As New Scripting.FileSystemObject
    Dim fl As File
    Dim fld As Folder
    Dim fld_main As Folder

    Set fld_main = fso.GetFolder("c:\")

    For Each fld In fld_main.SubFolders

    For Each fl In fld.Files

    If InStr(1, fl.Name, ".xls") > 0 Then

    ' Import

    End If

    Next fl

    Next fld

    End Sub

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