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Problem with user functions in Add-ins for multiple persons

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    Problem with user functions in Add-ins for multiple persons

    A work I have made many user functions and I have placed them in different add-ins so they appear in Excel in their own group when you choose “function”.

    I have then also made a macro that is used for updating by copying the add-ins from a network place to a person’s computer. Thereby the person can use the functions without having network access.

    The add-ins is put in the following place on a person’s computer:
    C:\Documents and Settings\XXX\Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns
    where XXX is the reference for that person. This is the Microsoft default place.

    One of the functions I have made is a Catmul Rom Spline. If person YYY uses this function and then sends the Excel file to person XXX the function appears as:
    ='C:\Documents and Settings\YYY\Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns\Interpolation.xlam'!Catmull_Rom_Spline($S$15:$S$22,O15:O22,$S$24)

    The result is that XXX cannot make calculations before the following is removed
    'C:\Documents and Settings\YYY\Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns\Interpolation.xlam'!
    So the formula only reads

    I am looking for a solution to this problem so we can send Excel files to each other and still use them. I do not want to put the functions into the Excel file. This is why I made the add-ins.

    One solution I can see is to put all the add-ins in the following place on all computers
    'C:\ AddIns
    This might solve the problem. This will however result in that all who look-on to that computer has access to the add-ins. It is possible for me to look on a colleges computer when we have network access.

    I am hoping that one of you have a solution where the add-ins can remain in the correct place.
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