Hi All,

I am making a reporting to automate so that we can save time and cost both as well.

Below is my requirements:-

We are getting feed life with data which contains daily basis information. We have a master file and generally we publish that master file with client for our progress daily basis. We need to compare both the feed file and master file daily basis and do necessary change. I want to do an automated process so that this activity can be done smartly.

Below are my following approach:-

Step 1:- There is a third file <Excel Template> which will do this activity. All macro are available in this Template file.
Step 2:- A macro will open both the files <feed and master> with browse option. No hard cording of file name or path in code. We can use "Application.GetOpenFilename".
Step 2:- A function/macro need to check the duplicate reference no in feed file and if exist delete those.
Step 3:- A function/macro will copy the reference no column from master file to feed file for compare and find out unmatched reference no.
Case 1 > Master Reference no with Feed Reference no. the unmatched are called Closed one.
Case 2> Feed reference no with Master Reference no. the unmatched are called New one.
Step 4:- The unmatched reference no <Case 2> are added on the "New Tickets" sheet on master file.
Step 5:- The unmatched reference no <Case 1> are added on the "Closed Tickets" sheet on master file.
Step 6:- Once the all the above are done then the master file needs to be saved as "XXXXXXXX_Today'sDate".

I am able to complete upto 2 and half of 3 step. But stuck on comparing both the columns and find out the diffreence. Any help will be hartly appreciable.

Thanks a lots in advance!!