I have a workbook where I paste information into columns A through I on a tab labeled "TEST FORM" each day, and each day there is more information, so of course it takes up more rows. I have formulae in columns J and K, with K being a match to another tab. I have to sort to separate numbers from #N/As in the match column, so I cannot simply drag the formulae in J and K down too far in advance.
I need a macro that will run after I paste the information into the workbook. I need it to do the following:

1. Autfill the formulae in J and K all the way to the last line where A through I have information. Since this is always growing, it must be dynamic.
2. Custom sort the data by #N/A in column K and then oldest to newest in column I.

I recorded a macro to get an idea of how to get the correct code, but it only applies to the specific cells I highlighted when recording rather than applying to a dynamic range. The code I have is as follows:

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I would greatly appreciate any help, as I am quite new to this but the only one in my office with even a little computer experience.