I need to create a series of combo box forms in a worksheet. My issue is I need the input range for the 2nd and 3rd forms to change depending on the selections on the previous combo box. For example the 1st combo box would be which I have no problem with:


Then if I select Toyota, the input range needs to be B1:B5. If I select Chevrolet the range needs to be C1:C6. If I select Dodge, the range needs to be D1:D6.

Then based off of those selections there would be different ranges for each. I'm just not sure how to do that. The only example I have with this is using the developer tab and inserting the form, and then using properties to select the range and cell to input the selection number. If there's a way to have it input the selection number in different cells, I'd love to know that to. Thanks for any help with this. I have to get this done by tomorrow morning for work.