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Use a UserForm for retrieving Data from excel calendar

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    Use a UserForm for retrieving Data from excel calendar

    Hello Gurus,


    I'd like to use my Userform to retrieve data from my excel calendar. For instance:

    When my Userform is called—through a commandbutton—I would like the textbox labeled "date" to display the current date and business day and the texbox labeled details to display all the deliverables (or tasks for the day) listed under that specific date. I'd also like to be able to update the data if needed with the userform.
    So far I’m able to make my userform pop up when the workbook is opened. Now, I’d like it to pop up when the workbook is opened and display my deliverables for the day.

    Also, On the top right corner of the calendar sheet, I was able to pinpoint the total # of business days—however I’d like to pull the current business day (BD) from the calendar. Would that be an “if” statement? If __=today then _=BD 9?

    Can anyone help guide me through this?

    2013 Team calendar v3.xlsm

    Attached is a copy of my first draft for review.
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