Hi everyone,

Iíve an interesting problem Ė I hope someone can help.

I need to build a spreadsheet to record basic information of the allocation of new work to external service providers; date sent to them, the date finished, etc. Ė straightforward even for me.

But thereís one aspect I canít get my head around Ė there are 6 service providers and it is desired that they be allocated work in order so it is shared equally.

That is, once provider 1 has a job, provider 2 gets the next, and allocation moves through to provider 6. The seventh job goes to provider 1, the next to provider 2, etc. I call it a rotating allocation.

It seems to me that some VBA is needed but my skills arenít up there.

To add to the problem, the spreadsheet will need to be shared - I don't know how to cover reservation so there isn't a clash/double selection.

I recall I wrote something that saved the sheet the moment someone clicked on a cell, which seemed to work to avoid people using the same line, but can't find nor re-invent that. There's probably a better way, anyway.

Ideas anyone?