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EXCEL USERFORM- pull data from sheet 1 into userform

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    EXCEL USERFORM- pull data from sheet 1 into userform

    Currently all data entered into the userform goes into Sheet 3.The user scans a barcode into the field txtMaterial. A list of material numbers is located in Sheet 1 column AB. The next field on the user form is txtBin. The bin numbers are located also on Sheet 1 column AC. Is it possible when the barcode is scanned into the txtMaterial field have code that will locate that number on Sheet 1 column AB , when found have the corresponding data in Sheet 1 column AC insert into the user form under the txtBin field. So from looking at the example below when txtMaterial scans barcode labeled 50100000000000R the txtBin field would show up on the userform as well have Sheet 3 as D5. I have attached my Workbook.

    Material No Bin Location
    50100000000000 A12
    50100000000000R D5
    50100000000001 I11
    50100000000001R D4
    50100000000002 A13
    50100000000002R D3
    50100000000003 A5
    50100000000003R D8
    50100000000004 A8
    50100000000004R D2
    50100000000005 B14
    50100000000005R E16

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    Re: EXCEL USERFORM- pull data from sheet 1 into userform

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