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    I have a excel problem I can't figure out, forgive me if this is an easy one. I wasn't even sure what to search for to find existing threads on this type of issue.

    I have data of something like 400 respondents, and each one filled out 9 separate forms, so each user has 9 rows. So right now column a has the user ID (repeated 9 times per participant), colum b has the label of what form they filled out and c-ak is the data. Separately I have each participants demographic info, column a being the matching user ID and then b-w being that data. I want to attach each users demographic data after their regular data, so it is repeated 9 times for each person.

    Does that make sense? What command would I use to do that? I want a command that will look at column a, figure out the participants user ID, then go to the demographics and find that same user ID and retrieve the following columns b-w. Is this possible? Can anyone at least point me in the correct direction?


    -- Mike

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    Re: Demographics

    Hi and welcome to the forum

    We would love to help you with your question, but 1st, in accordance with forum rule, please rename your thread to something more meaningful, that actually describes your problem.

    Because thread titles are used in searching the forum it is vital they be written to accurately describe your thread content or overall objective using ONLY search friendly key words. That is, your title used as search terms would return relevant results.

    Also, many members will look at a thread title, and if it is of interest to them, or it falls within their area of expertese, they might only open those threads.

    Look at it this way...if you typed that title into google, what would you expect to get back?
    To change a Title on your post, click EDIT on you're 1st post, then Go Advanced and change your title
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