I am working on a spreadsheet that compiles 4 spreadsheets into one. When a purchase order is completed, I have a button at the end of each row that needs to match a PO number from that line's spreadsheet to one of the 4 spreadsheets and then copy and paste 3 specific cells. There will be upwards of 200 PO's to search through across multiple spreadhseets.

On the spreadsheet titled "Main" if PO# 707505 is found on any spreadsheet, I need to copy the cells (G2:I2) into the matching spreadsheet's row which would be in this case "Wac40" into the cells 2 to the right of the PO# (M2:O2).

What I want is a macro button on the "Main" spreadsheet at the end of every row that searches the PO number in that row. I would adjust the macro to search only that specific line's PO# always located in the C Column.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached a small example of the spreadsheet I am working on.