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Rename and hide/unhide worksheets based on cell entry

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    Rename and hide/unhide worksheets based on cell entry


    I have a workbook which will be used to track sales performance of staff. It has an entry sheet for staff names, employee number, hours etc. Names are entered in cells A5, A6, A7 and so on.
    I need the entry in each cell to rename a worksheet and unhide it. If the cell has data the sheet becomes visible, if it is blank then the sheet is hidden.
    Also, cell A1 on each sheet then needs to show the name of that worksheets tab.

    The names in the entry sheet may also change on a regular basis so I need the code to refer to the codename of the sheet and allow renaming. Also if it can update the sheet with changes or a macro button can be added if more suitable.

    The idea is so that the Entry sheet is pretty much the only sheet the user needs to deal with but should allow me to create more sheets if needed just by extending the code (that is why A1 on each sheet refers to the tab name, not the cell on the entry sheet)

    Attached is a very basic sample and the requirements
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