I am trying to build a sheet for data entry to fill out my other four sheets. I set up the ''N' column in Sheet 6 to copy data from my data entry page (Formula :=Sheet2!Dx) and hit the macro button to run macro:

For Row = 2 To 30
If Cells(Row, 14) <> Empty Then
For Column = 4 To 13
Cells(Row, Column) = Cells(Row, Column + 1)
Next Column
Cells(Row, Column) = ""
End If

to enter the new scores, it works, but when the data shifts left from 'N' the formula also disappears. I deleted the {Cells(Row, Column) = ""} from the macro and that took care of the formula problem, the data migrated left correctly, but the 'N' cells still have the corresponding data from my 'D' cells of my entry page. I have been trying to figure out (1), a way to have the 'N' cells in sheet 2 to blank after the macro is run or (2), blank or zero the data in the D cells of the Data entry page(sheet 6) at the end of the macro. Any suggestions?