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create macro in excel to move my iphone notes to android software

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    create macro in excel to move my iphone notes to android software


    I would like to move my iphone note program called note sparks to a galaxy 4, program called evernote....

    this is what they told me to do....but frankly, my excel is 2003 and I am really clueless....

    please assist if possible.


    Thank you for contacting us.

    This script is provided as-is, with no additional support. Feel free to login and post to the Evernote Forum at should you require further assistance in customization.

    In Excel, create the following Macro (you will need to turn on the Developer tab - search Google for information on how to do that):
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    (You'll need to alter this one based on your content - if you don't have a Source URL, you wouldn't need to create a hyperlink, for example.)

    You can then go to Tools->Folder Import (Windows) to point to the directory of the files (after they've been created) or you can simply drag the folder of files (Mac) onto a Notebook Name in the left-hand Notebook pane, and Evernote will pick them up to import them as individual notes.

    Here is a sample file that includes the Macro to help you get started. Open "My Computer" on your desktop, click the "C" drive, and then create a "New Folder" called "testfiles". Then, when you run the Macro, all the files will be output to there.

    More Advanced: You can also choose to export an existing note to .enex format, and examine the format of the file, then alter this macro to output individual .enex files. If you do that, you can use the Evernote File->Import for Evernote files.

    Alternately, you can attempt to use the following script created by one of our users:
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    Re: create macro in excel to move my iphone notes to android software


    1. Double post:

    2. Could you provide a sample file how it is created from the iPhone so we can use it for testing the code?
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    Re: create macro in excel to move my iphone notes to android software

    Thread closed.


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