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Reconciling 2 Spreadsheets

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    Reconciling 2 Spreadsheets

    Greetings everyone,

    My name is Danny, new to Excel.

    Here is the situation:
    I am currently working on a spreadsheet (S1) for overdue invoices, I check and take note for every invoice, i.e if it has been paid, and today, I received a updated spreadsheet (S new), it contains all invoices from S1, but with many new more recent invoices.


    I want to transfer my notes in S1 to S new, but of course, I can't just copy+ paste, because the list is so long, there are so many new invoices, so on and so forth.

    Can some one please give some help?

    All help is deeply appreciated.

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    Re: Reconciling 2 Spreadsheets

    If you attach 2 workbooks, we could work a solution for you.
    One workbook will be sample data of S New.
    The other one will be sample data of S1 with your notes on.
    It could be dummy data and only a small amount of them. It's just a matter of having your reel sheets structure.
    Pierre Leclerc

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