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Complex Copy and Paste Macro

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    Complex Copy and Paste Macro

    Hello Everyone,

    I am currently trying to create a macro that does the following. There are two sheets involved, lets call them A & B. I first would like B:N to be cleared on sheet B. On sheet A, the user pick one number from 1-12. This number of month they want copied from sheet A over to sheet B. For example, if they choose 11, they want February- Dec copied from sheet A to B. If they chose 6, they would want July to Dec copied from sheet A to B.

    B:N, is essentially Jan-Dec on each sheet and they are identical.

    Please let me know what you think. First time poster,



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    Re: Complex Copy and Paste Macro

    Do you have a sample file that you can upload?

    To Attach a File:

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    6. This will open a new window File Upload.
    7. Once you have located the file to upload click the Open button. This window will close.
    8. You are now back in the Manage Attachments - Excel Forum window.
    9. Click the Upload button and wait until the file has uploaded.
    10. Close the window and then click Submit.
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