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Large VBA project, (Excel 2007/2010) big main form for administering a system (with multiple forms) with lots of checking utilities and
reporting tools. (A Tool that I developed to help me automate/manage my many admin tasks )

A little Help is needed on a few issues.

After few months, Finally, I managed to collect and sort/grouped all requirements, features, checks, admin tasks, etc etc. and I made the shell of this project, meaning - a large main form, MultiPage, lots of buttons, textboxes, comboboxes, pictures, flash banners and report form (all with a little bit of codes)

BTW, I've been told that VB Application (Full Application from VB 2010 Express) cannot be installed at the company's network but that I can use the Excel VBA script for this matter.

So, this main administration console (main Form) has a MultiPage with 10 Different pages. Each of these pages have some checkboxes, textboxes, comboboxes, etc. and on each I placed the "Send Report" button. This button should export/transfer the data/values from page 1 controls (textboxes, comboboxes, checkboxes etc.) to the text box (called e.g. Hardware Report) on the another form (Finbal Report form).

When a user opens the main form and start tabing these 10 pages, and checking boxes, radio buttons, comboboxes, filling in the text boxes etc, and press "Send Report button", then, the values should be transfered to the big "Final Report" form, to the appropriate text box labelled e.g. Hardware report and so on.

At the end, when all page tabs are done, all checks/reports done / sent to the main final report form, the user should be able to modify further each text box with the values in there, to add/delete some entries. One of the large text boxes is the "Summary Report", others are "admin/technical reports". However, when user press OK (here is the tricky part) only the Summary report should be written into the one sheet (Manegers report) and all others text boxes/reports should populate the another sheet MS Excel. Is this possible?

Also, at the same time that happens, the "Summary report text" should be emailed to the prepopulated managers e-mail address email. I know it sounds complicated, But the I have the code that grabs the values from the Final reports Form from each each text box (each report) and export it into the MS excel sheet, (each time the populated report entries in total of 12 cells are saved into the second Top row, as I want the latest report always to be on the top of the sheet. )

So, what would be the proper VBA code for this? For grabbing the values from multiple textboxes from page 1 , 2 3 etc ... sending it to the Final Report form to the corresponding "text box report" and at the end , saving the certain reports to 2 different sheets (and if possible emailing one Summary Report via MS Outlook email with prepopulated email address) ?

Additional questions:
How to achieve that MS excel sheet is automatically saved, so that I am not asked "would you like to save the changes to the spreadset"? on exit ?
How to make the spreadsheet is actually hidden ...on load ? so that only form is displayed...?

Also, sometimes, there are some errors starting some applications on a button click or errors on opening some files, or web pages or e.g. Power Point presentation that i accidently moved from desktop to my documents area and the whole form stops, trying to debug. How to prevent the from from craching, e,g, is there any default code "on any error , display this and continue form?

How to set the focus on the multipage to page number 3 for example , so whenever the main form is opened, the multipage page 3 is shown by default?

At last, is there any way of including flash files into the project properties, not at c:\windows\user\desktop area, but like in VB 2010 as
Resources? Also, the images? also, the shortcuts ...or the tr5 if anyone knows what that mean?

Well, i am going to continue now working on this project, but i would appreciate much any suggestions / codes.

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