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vba runtime error 9

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    vba runtime error 9

    I have a code that is running fine on other computers, but get runtime error 9 on my one.

    Here is the code:

    Private Sub cmdLE_Click()

    Workbooks.Open Filename:=("d:\StaffRecord\YearServing.xls")

    With Workbooks("YearServing").Sheets("sheets1")<runtime error 9>

    Selection.ColumnWidth = 15
    Selection.ShrinkToFit = True
    End With

    I have done a research on error 9 and seems the reason of happening is excel cannot access to the file. However, that is not the problem, the excel can find that file and open it properly.

    When I use the mouse to point to the error statement it shows:
    " Workbooks("YearServing").Sheets("sheets1") = < Subscript out of range > "

    The most strange thing is it only happen on my compter, not others. Is that due to any setting problems or the code?

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    Re: vba runtime error 9

    Maybe it needs the ".xls" ???
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    Re: vba runtime error 9


    May be something like this...

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    Re: vba runtime error 9

    Try this and see if it changes anything

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