I have a ton (3,258) of .csv files in the same folder that each contain daily data on a different stock. I am looking for a way to access the data from all of these files and compile them into one sheet. Each file has 7 columns the first of which is the date. One of the difficulties I am facing is that some files start with the earliest date I have data for (1/2/85) and other files start with later dates (as some stocks weren't being traded til later). Is there a way to go through all of these files and screen for the ones that say start on the earliest date and trade for at least 10 full years so that "A4017" = 12/31/95?

My eventual goal is to get the data into this format:


and populate each row with the monthly returns for each stock. I am a newbie to VB programming and so I am not anywhere close to this goal. I have spent some time looking into grabbing data from other workbooks but haven't found a way to access them without specifying a precise name for each one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!