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Export single sheet as CSV?

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    Export single sheet as CSV?

    Hi peeps,

    I have a question, which would help me a lot with a project I'm working on.

    Basically, I am typing in different data (dates, notes and numbers in different columns) of, say Sheet1 of an Excel workbook.
    Now, in Sheet2 these data are being sorted differently (basically just simple formulas, moving around on some of the info from Sheet1). The sorted data in Sheet2 is then copied into a new excel workbook, and saved as a separate .csv file, since the data is going to be used in another application/program which uses .csv files.

    Now, what I am really curious to find out is, if it somehow is possible to create an application/program that can automatically export Sheet2 as a separate .CSV file? In that way, I wont have to open a new file, paste the data, and save the new file as a .CSV file.

    Also, as this is a process that I am repeating quite a lot of times during the day, it would be awesome to basically have the original Excel file where I type in the data in Sheet1, and then some sort of an "Export" button which basically copies the data to Sheet2, and then exports Sheet2 as a separate .CSV file.

    Is this somehow possible? And if so, how? (even outside of Excel programming).

    I truly hope somebody can help me out on this.
    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Export single sheet as CSV?

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