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Working with large sets of data

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    Working with large sets of data

    Hi all,

    I'm about to get started on working with a dataset of ~80.000-100.000 rows and 12 columns.
    I have to decide on the approach first though.

    To make it simple, I have to summarize the data on various filters (lets say car types). How many were sold in which month etc.

    The car models are dynamic - one day I'll have 10 of them, another 50.

    Is a looping approach favorable in this situation? Or should I perhaps think about steering a pivottable with vba and copy paste the desired results?

    Or does anyone have better ideas?
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    Re: Working with large sets of data

    Set the calculation to manual and use Autofilter instead of loop and use code to calculate the sheet/workbook whenever needed.

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