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Excel 2010 Macro Refresh Pivot and Formulas

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    Excel 2010 Macro Refresh Pivot and Formulas

    Not Relevant Just FYI *In columns A-L the data populates from an Excel Add In, and columns M-AN are formulas that calculate from this data*

    Column BS on the far right, I copy and paste in data from a different workbook each day to update the data, and this column links to Column P.

    There are two pivot tables that stem from this data, and two formulas to the right of these two pivot tables.

    The 1st formula in column AS, takes references a value in another worksheet to populate.
    The 2nd formula in column AT, just subtracts thw two total columns.


    After I update the information from the Add In and copy and paste new values into column BS:

    I want the pivot tables to automatically refresh (pull down so the new day's data is included), AND I want the formulas to also pull down for the new day's data as wel.

    Any help or advice or something I can put in is greatly appreciated as I have a similar situation to this in a lot of workbooks.

    Also, one thing to keep in mind is thatthe Pivot tables source date is pulled far down in the worksheet, so I do not have to continously change the source data reference. Thus I can't choose 'Select All' on the pivot table because "(Blank)" will appear in the table.
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