Hi Guys

I want the code that will execute when we open a workbook named "Test" and does the following things:

Step1. check in the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\Master" if the foldername i.e current year in yyyy format.Current month in mm format exists or not. so that means that code will check if in the above folder, a folder names 2013.09 exists. if yes then display a message this folder already exists otherwise create a new folder names 2013.09
The following code works fine and it create a new folder with the name 2013.09 . but I want a help in resolving step 2.
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The result of above code is there is now new folder 2013.09 and all the contents of 2013.08 are also in 2013.09. so if 2013.08 has following files then they are also there in 2013.09:

Step2: Now I want code that will check in the last month folder (e.g 2013.08) the first six digits of excel workbooks and if the first 6 digits belong to last month then just copy the names to current month in the new folder(e.g 2013.09)

The workbooks in the last month folder (2013.08) are as follows

Now I want the code that will check in new folder(2013.09) the first 6 digits and change it to

I hope anyone can help me in this