Hello, everyone! This is my first post here and I ask for your patience for two reasons: I'm not very good at english (not my first language) and I'm fairly new on VBA and Macro programming.

Moving to the interesting part, here is what's going on... I'm using Excel Web Query to retrieve some data from a web page, which is a simple .html page that shows technical information about a UHF television broadcasting trasmitter. This page is generated by the equipment itself and refreshes automatically in every 5 seconds or so.
As this page doesn't have a log system, I using VBA to retrieve the data in a user configured time interval (30 minutes) and copy this data in order to make a database. The problem is: if I let this macro running through several hours (from 5 to 10), the web page crashes. After this, I can't access the page anymore, not even in the browser or in another computer (even in another network). The remote access becomes possible again only if I go to the equipment's front pannel and change its IP number.

The question is... This problem is caused by the Excel query or some failure in the equipment itself?

Here is the code that is called by the timer:
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The "clearquerys" sub remove all the query tables from the workbook, therefore the conection is made only once in a 30 minutes interval. I've already tried to leave the query sitting there, only calling for refresh, but apparently the page crashes even earlier.

Is there a solution?