Morning All,

Newbie here.

I have a source workbook I will call Book1, this contains 5 worksheets each containing a pivot table.

I am trying to create an array to complete the following:
Assuming the Pivots Data starts from Row 7 (and I only want the Data not the additional headers) to be copied and values pasted from each pivot table into a destination workbook (Book2) template. i.e. Sheet1.PivotTable1 is copied and values pasted to Cell A7 on Book2 and so on 5 times.

A filter is then applied looking only at this years data in the pivots.

This is then to be copied and pasted into another 5 worksheets i.e. Sheet6.PivotTable1(2013-14)

I have been able to do it but in a very long winded way and would like to try and complete each set of copy and pasting as arrays and or loops.
Can anyone plse help?

Thanks in Advance