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Identifying Cause Of UserForm Refresh

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    Identifying Cause Of UserForm Refresh

    Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone tell me what would cause a user form to refresh other than saving a workbook or closing the userform by pressing the "x" in the top right corner? For a while I've been using a UserForm with numerous controls and happily opened and closed it using buttons without losing any changes made to the userform. I've done a bit of recoding recently which has done something to stop the user form retaining its informationv when I run a particular macro. I'm really struggling to identify what would cause this. Any hints? I'd post the macros, but there are too many. If anyone could just point me in the right direction or tell me how I pinpoint the moment at which the userform refreshes, that would be great.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Identifying Cause Of UserForm Refresh

    Hi Rowan,

    Could you provide a bit more background information?
    - which event based/triggered routines are you using
    - in which routine (if any) do you initialize the controls
    - is the user form displayed modal or not
    - if the form is not displayed modal, do you open other forms while this form is being displayed (lost focus?)
    - are the controls on the user form bound or unbound
    - any information about the events that lead up to the user form being cleared?
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