I'm brand new to using web queries in Excel but have spent the majority of today trying to find an answer to this with no joy...

On the website: http://www.eagle.org/safenet/record/...ication=PUBLIC you can search for ships using a number of criteria. For example choose "Yacht" in the drop down menu called "Type"
This returns a number of results. Now when a result is clicked on, a screen is shown with a number of tabs across the top (General characteristics, machinery etc.) For example http://www.eagle.org/safenet/record/...ication=PUBLIC

What I'm trying to do is pull all the data from all the tabs for all the yachts into excel without clicking through each individual boat, then the individual tabs and copying the data from there. Ideally this should be formatted so that for example column A - class number; column B - name; column C - length; column D - fuel capacity etc, etc. with each boat on it's own row to make further analysis of the data easy.

I hope this is a clear enough explanation and once you look at the site it'll probably be a bit clearer.

Any help would be appreciated, or if it's something fairly simple pointing me to a site with a good tutorial would be great