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Conjoint Market Simulator - $10 Amazon gift card

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    Conjoint Market Simulator - $10 Amazon gift card


    I would be happy to email a $10 Amazon gift card to anyone who can help me out on the below.

    Please have a look at the attached file.

    I am expecting values in B22 = 17.98, C22=11.79, D22=27.42 and E22=42.81. Please refer 'Results' tab for your reference.

    I did all the calculation however I can't able to get the above values, I am doing something wrong in the price calculation.

    Please have a look at it and help me.

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    Re: Conjoint Market Simulator - $10 Amazon gift card

    I only checked the B22 value and 29.9 seems to be correct.

    If you go into 'First Choice' and manually add up the values in column U, the sum is 418.
    Click on cell 'U3' and keep the left mouse button down. Keep the mouse down, while
    moving down the screen until you reach cell 'U1401'. The sum as displayed on the
    'Status Bar' which is the same sum the average calculation uses.

    418 / 1399 = 29.9%

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    Re: Conjoint Market Simulator - $10 Amazon gift card

    I'm not entirely sure why but your sumproduct formulas seem to be returning incorrect results. If you look at B3 on the first choice worksheet, the calculation should be (I think):
    1*39.49+3*(-5.3)=23.59 and your sumproduct formula is returning 50 odd.

    I tried fixing it by changing your sumproduct formulas to =sum(Range1*range2) as an array formula (confirm with ctrl+shift+enter), it gave different end results but not the numbers you were wanting above.

    Are the ranges on the design sheet meant to be blank from column D onwards?

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