Hello all,

I am still a begineer in this forum as well as with advanced excel features. I need to create a simple and small tool which can create new sheet/window with data from database based on cell value and click of command button.

There are 2 workbooks which i had attached.

1. Input workbook: This is the workbook which will be available with user saved in his laptop. This workbook has 2 sheets:
1a: Database sheet - This sheet contains the actual database. it shows which activity is applicable for which project and which status. if the cell is crossed 'x' it means it is applicable. This sheet will be usually hidden.

1b: Interface sheet - This is the sheet which the user uses to provide input. The user provides inputs from drop down menu in Cells D6 & D9 and clicks the 'GENERATE' button. once this input is given by user and the button is clicked, the output should be generated in a new excel workbook/window as mentioned below(in 2. Output workbook).

2. Output workbook: This workbook/window is not available with user so far. Once the user clicks 'GENERATE' button, this window /workbook should be created and displayed with the applicable list of data from the database. It should also have two buttons to save/print the output.
Now user will decide whether he will save the output as excel workbook or print the output. If save is clicked the usual excel saving window should popup asking for saving location and if Print is clicked the usual printing options window should be displayed.

I had also attached the workbooks and explained a little more in each and every sheets.
input workbook.xlsx
output workbook.xlsx

Please help me to make it this work. You can simplify the problem if u feel i had tangled it too much.
I appreciate your timely help, really in a urgent help. Thank you in advance.