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How to create a Cafe internet usage calculator worksheet...help please

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    How to create a Cafe internet usage calculator worksheet...help please

    Hi, I don't want to invest in an expensive software for my cafe internet so i'm trying to build my own worksheet to calculate time, amount due.
    I'm posting a screen shot of what I'm trying to visually do. Here are some more details:Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 4.45.42 PM.png

    I want to keep it simple. I found a macro to make the "current time" cell running live and I programmed the button "PC 1" so when i click it, it prints the current time on start time. Now when i set to calculate the difference between START TIME and CURRENT TIME to calculate ELAPSED TIME (on D6 i have =D3-C6). IT shows ##########. I tried modifying it to hh:mm:ss but nothing... I'm guessing it's because Start time is a running clock. Anyone know a suggestion to make this happen? Anyone knows of a macro that would show both elapsed time and amount due running "live"?
    *The rate is $1 per 10 minutes up to 60 mins, then I stop charging because it's pay one hour get another free. No one spends more than 2 hrs.

    Thanks for anyone who can help me.

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    Re: How to create a Cafe internet usage calculator worksheet...help please

    Did you check to see if the column was wide enough. That is why it usually shows ########. However, I don't see why you need to use the whole "current time" cell. VBA has a build in current time definition. This is just a basic example showing how you would get the amount of time different. You would of course need to calculate for minutes and then to $$$$$

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