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cascading combo boxes and unique values

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    cascading combo boxes and unique values

    hello everybody, got two questions

    1. i have a weird dilemma in respect to cascade combo boxes. What I am trying to do is create cascading combo boxes where once a document is selected, the next cascade combo box will be populated with data from the Date of Doc column. as date of doc date is selected, the third combo box would be populated with dates from the Date of Input. I have successfully created cascading combo boxes with 2 dependent boxes before(i was able to create other cascading relationships with other data in the table) , but for some odd reason the third combo box will not populate with data from the date of inputcolumn.

    2. the second question that i have is in respect to the dependent/cascaded combo boxes, how can we make them unique values? for example, in my date of doc column, there are really only 4 different dates. but once a document is selected, looking in the combo box for date of doc, there will be a significant number of entries. how to make these entries limited to the 4 dates listed?

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    Re: cascading combo boxes and unique values

    Try the attached
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