Hi all,
i'm new in this forum and seek your expert advise and assistance to create me a excel macro for login attendance.
currently, we are still using old fashion login attendance which manual sign in and sign out in print out template.
hence, i'm spent a lot of time when i need to come out the tardiness report. Basically what i require from the excel macro that i can think of as follows:-
1. when user click the excel file, a pop up message box require to login.
2. Once, login, user should able to see master form.
3. master form should contain button for login, logout
4. once user click login or logout, date and time should record in user sheet as per time set in the user pc. date and time should record in different cell.
5. excel should not allow user to click logout prior click login. Error message "you have not login".
6. i also need an administrator id to control for any amendment of data.

if you have a better solutions i more than happy.

i really hope someone can assist me so that i can improve my process.

thank you in advance.