For my non-profit we are developing a calendar in excel which will give an overview of the dates that events occur on each year (same every year more or less). Each event will have a hyperlink to its own sheet where there is information about the steps required to put on each event. An example of this can be seen in the September 2014 sheet. However, being that I am the only one here with any understanding of excel (and basic at that) I would like to be able to have a userform which I have a rough outline of already made in the sheet. This userform would allow someone to enter in an event, the date it will occur as well as up to 4 different tasks needed to put this event on. I would like it if this userform put these tasks in their own sheet (named after the event) and hyperlinked it to the calendar event it references. This may not even be possible as I have not seen it anywhere but this is boggling my mind and I am hoping someone has some insight. Thank you in advance!