Hello guys,

I work with Excel do Mac 2011 have the following problem.

We have a two person sales team and each one uses a separate file to classify their contacts. These files only have two sheets each, one for the data and another for the dropdown items and are equally formatted with several drop-down lists and conditional formatting.

I would like to know if it's possible to have a third file (with the same options and formatting) that automatically looks at these individual files and compiles the information in one single sheet.

Note that these files will be updated daily and the "master" file will need to identify which information had already been copied and start from the new information.

The three files will be saved in the same folder.

In attachement you will see the files that I'm using.

Can anyone help me?

Angariação - JC.xlsx - Sales Person
Angariação - RB.xlsx - Sales Person
Angariação 2014.xlsx - Master File