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Populating some cells based on the text in another. Also, cross referencing?

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    Populating some cells based on the text in another. Also, cross referencing?

    I have a list with several thousand "patient id's" and other things, including most importantly here, zip code and physician.
    What I would like to do is this. If the zip code of some of the rows says "85710" I would like to fill all those rows with the corresponding site on the first blank cell to the right of the zip code. This would be nice to automate so I could write the vba with a site for each corresponding zip code.

    The second issue is that the physicians work at certain sites. So on the attached picture here, you see Dr. Salt works at Houston. I would like to make it where, if ever Dr. Salt's name is on a row where the site is not Houston, it says no under the "Correct?" column. I do not know how to make the code do that.


    Background: What I am trying to find out is that each patient lives in a specific zip code. Those zip codes they live in are close to some specific sites. So if they are in 40162, they should be going to Houston. And Houston only has one Dr., Dr. Salt. But when you see patient 6 who is in 40162 is actually seeing Dr. Jones, they are not in the "Correct" zip code. So I want it to reflect that somehow.

    Summary: So If they are in x zip code, I want to automatically populate the first empty cell to the right to show what the corresponding site should be. Then I want to cross reference that with which Dr. they are seeing. If the Dr. they are seeing is outside of what their site should be, I need it to say no.

    Please help I am about to smash my head into a wall I am so frustrated right now. It's 12:30 and I am really losing it...
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    Re: Populating some cells based on the text in another. Also, cross referencing?

    Hi zaphodbblbrux

    Welcome to the Forum!!

    Pictures are of little value.

    Please attach a sample file that represents what you have. The structure of your attachment should be the same structure as your actual data. Any proprietary information should be changed.

    Include in the attachment any code you're currently using (whether it works or not) and an "After" of what you wish the output to be.

    If you have issues with Code I've provided, I appreciate your feedback.

    In the event Code provided resolves your issue, please mark your Thread as SOLVED.

    If you're satisfied by any members response to your issue please use the star icon at the lower left of their post.

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