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Copy a relative reference formula from one sheet to another.

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    Copy a relative reference formula from one sheet to another.


    My simple problem is each new worksheet in certain cells needs to have the previous sheet identical cell value, plus an integer. I found a previous thread with a solution as follows. (and I quote)

    You can use a user-defined function. In a module, enter:
    Function Prevsheet(ref As Range)
    Set sh = Sheets(Range(Application.Caller.Address).Parent.Index - 1)
    Prevsheet = sh.Range(ref.Address)
    End Function

    In worksheet (except first):
    If Sheet1!A1 has 1, then in Sheet2!A1, enter: =Prevsheet(A1)+1 and you'll see 2.
    In Sheet3!A1, enter =Prevsheet(A1)+1 and you'll see 3 etc. End quote.

    While this works for the first sheet, when I copy this sheet I get a circular formula warning in relation to this and the value is zeroed.

    It obviously seems to work, but not quite. Any suggestion greatly appreciated. Craig

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    Re: Copy a relative reference formula from one sheet to another.

    It does work, but it seems a little temperamental so I'm not sure I would want to use it. I put some debug statements in to show what is happening. I found that, if I got the circular reference, going through each sheet (in order) and pressing F2 and Enter to re-commit the formula, it would work. Comment out the debug statements for live running. See the attached example.

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    And the output in the immediate window.

    HTML Code: 
    Application.Caller.Address: $A$1
    Range(Application.Caller.Address).Parent.Index: 2
    Range(Application.Caller.Address).Parent.Index -1: 1
    ActiveSheet.Name: Sheet2
    sh.Name: Sheet1
    Application.Caller.Address: $A$1
    Range(Application.Caller.Address).Parent.Index: 3
    Range(Application.Caller.Address).Parent.Index -1: 2
    ActiveSheet.Name: Sheet3
    sh.Name: Sheet2
    Application.Caller.Address: $A$1
    Range(Application.Caller.Address).Parent.Index: 4
    Range(Application.Caller.Address).Parent.Index -1: 3
    ActiveSheet.Name: Sheet4
    sh.Name: Sheet3
    Application.Caller.Address: $A$1
    Range(Application.Caller.Address).Parent.Index: 5
    Range(Application.Caller.Address).Parent.Index -1: 4
    ActiveSheet.Name: Sheet5
    sh.Name: Sheet4
    Application.Caller.Address: $A$1
    Range(Application.Caller.Address).Parent.Index: 6
    Range(Application.Caller.Address).Parent.Index -1: 5
    ActiveSheet.Name: Sheet6
    sh.Name: Sheet5
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