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Prevent other user opening excel file.

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    Prevent other user opening excel file.

    Dear All,

    This is kind request that is there any way to prevent other user/computer opening my excel files.
    (based on the username of the computer).

    Some confidential files need to be maintain privacy.

    Is there any solution? Please a help.


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    Re: Prevent other user opening excel file.

    Hi, ebin charles,

    Some confidential files need to be maintain privacy.
    Do not use Excel!

    You could use Environ("ComputerName") or Environ("Username") in ThisWorkbook and Workbook_Open and close the workbook if they do not match but this needs Macros to be activated.

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    Re: Prevent other user opening excel file.

    Excle security is not the best, but you could save the workbooks as password protected. You could then give the password to only those that need to be able to open those files.

    Another option, if you are on a network, would be to get the Admin to set up a folder for those files that only designated users have access to. This is not an excel setting, but something the NW admin would need to do
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    Re: Prevent other user opening excel file.

    Put a password to open on them and don't put them in a shared place

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    Re: Prevent other user opening excel file.

    Hello ebin charles,

    No matter what you do with your Excel Workbook, i.e., Protection, Passwords, VBA Protection, and whatever, it can be opened in quite a few other platforms or programs like Front Desk or Open Office, just to name a few!

    I support what HaHoBe said, "Do not use Excel!"

    FDibbins also states that "Excel security is not the best..."

    It would seems that you will have to use every available Excel and or VBA Protection available, and then rely on the integrity of the user!

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