I currently have an excel file that imports data from another program and saves it as an xls file which other users modify using libreoffice calc (my company dont want to spend the additional monies on a license for an additional 5 machines). The process does work quite well at the minute the only problem that I have found is that all reports etc., are having to be complied at the outset which does not allow for the data to be updated as the file is being saved as a normal xls file so it can be updated manually in calc. The question that I have is would it be possible to use the original file and allow it to be updated manually by 3 users (Manual updates consist of 3 unused cells in each row detailing status of record etc) and then have another excel file with macro which will allow me to update the xls file with new information as it is added to the original program/ generate require d reports etc.,? What would I have to do to achieve this? Could I just run a macro which asks for the original filename to update and add the additional information to the bottom of the modified file?