I have so far (with the help of other members) built a model that will pull monthly changes of different prices of up to 6 products from the first month's recording from an "overview sheet" to a different sheet.

Given the products had their prices first recorded at different beginnings, i have a macro to delete any rows where at least one product has no price data so as to ensure i can compare each product from the same time period.

The next point i need is to create a line chart based on the remaining data (after the rows have been deleted). However depending on the products chosen the first date with data may be different from the production selection of the next user. I need to create a chart/use a macro that looks up the date range and matches data in a different (non-adjacent) column.

My thoughts were to create a named range, however because of the step where a macro deletes rows, it results in "#ref" errors in the formula of the name range. Alternatively could there be a way of looking up at the last date available and creating a chart for every date up to the first available and matching data in a different (non-adjacent) column.

Hopefully that all makes sense and please do let me know if you have any questions, Thanks!