I'm using this "simple" code to download a .txt file from a password protected site and save it in my computer. From there, excel will access the file and make some changes.
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my main problem is that the name of thefile.txt (see end of url in code) is actually dynamic. The naming convention that the site operator uses when creating these files is:
“NAME” & “DATE” & time(“hhmmss”) .txt
ex. THINGS20140109151901.txt
The name is static, the date is predictable, but the timestamp is unknown to me unless I log in and go looking for it.

Is there any way to get excel to search the available files having only the first 2 parts of the file name?
Can I get it to go to the website, log in, look through the text files and find "THINGS20140109%.txt"

I understand the code above may be inadequate for this. Since the first input is the exact url. But I cannot seem to find the answer to this anywhere. Please help.