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Change date to end of month if unless 5th April year end

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    Change date to end of month if unless 5th April year end


    What I want:
    For this macro to pick up the date from a report in excel (Recharges), paste onto necessary sheet (individual).
    Then change all the dates to the last day of the month, except for the businesses with a 5th April year end. The expenses for april need to be split into being dated - 5th April & 30th April.

    What I have:
    Currently I have a macro that picks up everything, it just doesn't change the date to the last day of the month.

    On the individual person's ws in P2 is their year end.
    The dates will be in column "C"

    test WB below

    At this moment in time, the macro won't work until the dates have been sorted as it posts all dates at the bottom for a credit posting of drawings.
    I also have a macro (I think it is in drawings) That should be if date is blank then don't run macro.. (repeated four times) but it doesn't seem to work. Could someone explain why? Thanks

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    Re: Change date to end of month if unless 5th April year end

    If you want to calculate the last day of the month one of the easiest is to go for the 1st of the next month -1.
    Or have a table/array of values.

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