Hi All,

I have the attached date.

What I want to do is copy data to a new sheet, each person on this NEW sheet will only have ONE row for each period.

- If the employee has only ONE record for a period ("Pay Date from - Pay Date to") then
-move data from ORIGINAL DATA columns A to E to the NEW SHEET columns A to E

-If the employee has multiple records for a period (""Pay Date from - Pay Date to") then...
-On the NEW SHEET the "Full time ANNUAL salary" (Col B) will be:-
A total of "ANNUAL part-time salary" (col G) for the multiple records DIVIDED by the total % of "Percentage Worked"
e.g Rows 3 and 4 of sample data - 2,975.54/24% = 12,398.13 <<-- This will be the "Full time ANNUAL salary" on the NEW SHEET
-Monthly earnings will always be 1
-Column F on the NEW SHEET will a total of "Days Excluded" (col H)
The only rows on the NEW SHEET that will have data in column F will be those that had multiple rows on the original data.

Hope I have explained this well enough.

Thanks in advance.

Test Data (concat).xlsx