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Putting the results of a vlookup into a cell's comment

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    Putting the results of a vlookup into a cell's comment

    I have two tables, a summary table and a documents_list table. The summary table does a lookup on the documents_list table to determine the latest version of the document (several exist), and then returns the document name, version number, date and author into the cell. The reason for the Concatenation, is that the lookup is done on the services ([@Services]), the type (D$1) and whether the document is the latest version ('Yes')The formula is as follows and works fine.

    TEXT(VLOOKUP(CONCATENATE([@Services],D$1,"Yes"),Lookup_Data,5,FALSE),"dd-mmm-yy"),", ",

    I would like to do a vlookup on the "notes' field from the documents_list table and have the contents of the cell populate the comment for that cell in the summary table.

    The vlookup formula to get the "notes" field from the documents_list table would is:


    Not all the cells are populated, so I only want comments on cells with content, and ONLY want a comment, if something exists in the notes field.

    Can someone help with the VBA code to do this?


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    Re: Putting the results of a vlookup into a cell's comment


    Hard to figure this out without an example spreadsheet. I can tell you that this line of code puts a comment into a cell, you could use a variable in vba, assign it the note value to it, then if not blank ("") make it a comment for the cell in question.

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    hope it helps get you started at least.

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