Hello to everyone, after weeks of unsuccessful attempts I kindly ask for an opinion.

It concerns exporting the print area of XXX.xls Sheet1 to web page (.htm); the xls sheet contains data and images (jpg, gif …. imported from the outside).

Well, with an old Excel 2003 (on Windows 10) there are no problems: the XXX.htm file and its XXX_file folder are correctly generated, limited to the print area as required, fully functional.

With Excel 2013 that’s not working. The file XXX.htm is created with the relative folder XXX_file containing the images, but when I open the .htm in the browser (Chrome, FireFox) the images are not there (everything else yes). Looking at the contents of the htm file, I note that there are no <img> tags as in the other one (2003), instead thousands and thousands of lines - similarly to what happens when the export is done to a “unique file web page” (.mht): but the extension of the generated file is correct (.htm), and the external folder “_file” is OK! (all images in there).

Excel 2013 is updated (it runs on Windows 7).

Tried with all possible combinations (without print area, all Sheets, etc.), but nothing changes. The .htm file can reach 70000 lines.

Tried to export to .mht format (unique web page): it works (but there are problems with this type of file with non-IE browsers).

Many many thanks for some suggestions.