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IF and MID function

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    IF and MID function

    Hi All,

    Nice to meet you all.
    Can you please provide me a solution that I'm encountering.

    There is a Scan ID 0019-0000-00-000

    I would like to make a condition
    if the last 3 digit ends with xxxx-xxxx-xx-000 then the result will show Customer ID.
    If the last 6 digit ends with xxxx-xxxx-00-000 then the result will show Meter ID.
    If the last 10 digits ends with xxxx-0000-00-000 then the result will show Store ID.

    But I have some difficulties facing the issue.
    First of all I use MID function and IF function.
    Please suggest me how to solve this issue.

    Thanks you for your support.

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    Re: IF and MID function

    Duplicate thread

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    Re: IF and MID function

    Please read our simple forum rules, in particular, rule #5, and abide by them in the future.

    Thread closed.

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