I'm trying to do this in Google Sheets. I have a copy of the sheet at https://docs.google.com/a/advantagep...#gid=780088323

Here's the data I'm using

Main criteria is the first of month date which I have at Front!G2

JobAnalysis!C:C contains the status of the job which is either Closed, Cancelled, Open (JobStatus)

JobAnalysis!G:G contains the date which a job was created (DateCreated)

JobAnalysis!D:D contains the date which the job was started. (StartDate)

JobAnalysis!M:M contains the revenue of the job. (JobCharge)

What I'm looking to accomplish is find the sum of revenue (JobAnalysis!M:M), for any job with a status of Open or Closed but NOT cancelled (JobAnalysis!C:C) performed within the same month of Front!G2 but with a start date (JobAnalysis!D:D) which is older than 30 days prior to first of this month(Front!G2-30).

I want to have the formula in Front!G4