Hi everyone,

I have a formula I have done in Excel, but I can't replicate the functionality in Google Spreadsheets (which is important cause I need to have it on a shared platform). Basically, I'm sumif-ing across many conditions, including being in between two dates.

Here's my formula in Excel- I have date conditionals represented by the ">=" and "<=" with references to the date ranges in other cells. (in bold) - how can I replicate this in Google Spreadsheets? You can assume all the cell locations/ranges are the same.

=IFERROR(SUMIFS('YTD - Full'!$F:$F,'YTD - Full'!$I:$I,">="&'Project code data'!D$1,'YTD - Full'!$I:$I,"<="&'Project code data'!D$2,'YTD - Full'!$K:$K,'Project code data'!$B5),"")