ok, I'm so not a techie... but I'm trying (and banging my head) to create a xls that pulls Distance & Duration data from Google Maps Distance Matrix API.

Long story short, I found a spreadsheet online that I thought I could tweak. Unfortunately, the excel xml formulas don't seem to work? I suspect it could be the version of Excel I'm using. Or it could be a Mac incompatibility.... (The google API works perfectly so it's the xml...)

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 5.29.20 pm.png

For reference, the formula fields read:

Response =_xlfn.WEBSERVICE(C13)
Status =_xlfn.FILTERXML(C15,”//status[1]”)
Distance =_xlfn.FILTERXML(C15,”//distance[1]/text”)
Travel Time =_xlfn.FILTERXML(C15,”//duration[1]/text”)

Question, how can I fix the formula? Much thanks in advance for any help or tips!

Excel 2011 for Mac
v 14.5.6